Mass Migration

Mass Migration
Collage Painting by Colin Hoisington

Monday, April 30, 2012

Art is in the Process #2

Printing onto non-absorbant surfaces. The original image is a collage I made, inspired by Gustav Klimt, The Medicina:

Trial 1:
Print the image on polyurethane, slightly coated with patented chemical from profesor Julian Irujo

Ink runs slowly. The desired effect is achieved.  I made a mistake and sprayed acrylic varnish, thinking that it would seal the print. The ink was not dry yet and spread into little droplets where ever the spray landed. This can be seen on the top part of the image.  Slightly interesting how the image changes into droplets, but not what im looking for at this point.

Trial 2:
Print on uncoated polyurethane

Result: Ink runs fast, the image is almost completely lost.

Trial 3:
Print on uncoated polyurethane with faster print setting. I had hoped that the ink would run less.

Image was jammed in the printer.  Somewhat interesting results, but not interested in this at the moment.


Trial 4:
Print on wax coated pallet paper

ink runs slowly, desired effect is achieved. Hung vertical to dry.  BUT....
3 days later....

Result after 3 days: Ink still not dry and continues to run. Effect is very interesting, but will be stored in memory for use another day.

Trial 5:
Print on pallet paper, setting on printer is for photographic paper: Thus it will expel a greater quantity of ink.
Ink runs fast and out of control. I decide to transfer the image to super alpha paper by rubbing vigorously the reverse side.

2nd Result: 
Poor quality in the technique used.  Will try to transfer with hydrolic press another day. The scraping pattern shows through clearly. Could be interesting to compose a relief drawing, contouring the forms while transferring. 

Trial 6:

Print on pallet paper with printer setting on minimal ink usage.

Image appears almost normal. Boring

Trial 7:

Print on pallet paper, printer set to medium ink usage.

Ink runs slowly. Will allow to dry for one week in horizontal position.

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