Mass Migration

Mass Migration
Collage Painting by Colin Hoisington

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Art Review

At the Tabacalera, Lavapies Madrid, an occupied ¨squaters¨ community center, I just visited the latest exhibition by:
Gervasio Sánchez.

An impressive exhibition of photos taken from all over the world in locations infamous for human rights abuses.  Above is an image that impacted me greatly.  Clearly it touches on my current body of work that deal with human migration caused by social and environmental pressures. Also relates to an idea that is developing in my mind that I will one day create artwork around. The idea is about the ignorant bliss that we assume in western culture.

For example, I have friends that live in paradise that want nothing to do with the sadness of the world, and are occupied with raising their kids, living well and appreciating what they have.  Then I have friends actively involved in trying to make the world a better place. People from this side of the spectrum have said to me, "how can I be happy in a world so sadly out of balance,,,, injust". I can see clearly both perspectives.  I find myself sliding from one extreme to the other.

 How can I represent this in a future art project?

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