Mass Migration

Mass Migration
Collage Painting by Colin Hoisington

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Notes from class, "A new imagination"

Response to the article "Una nueva Imaginacion"(Español), "A new Imgination"(English), by
Vilem Flusser

This article gives support, meaning, defense, and perhaps inspiración to why artists, especially painters, today are doing what they are doing. Flusser defends that there exists today a new imagination distinct from the past. One that is more concerned with creating a vision of the world instead of reporting.  The quote below stood out to me the most. 

The old pictures are tables of orientation within the world: they point at the world, they 
show it, they mean it. The new ones are projections of calculating thought: they point 
at thought, they show it, they mean it. Now thought itself does not mean the world as 
it is, but as it could be.

{Original text en enspañol} "Los cuadros viejos son tablas de orientación dentro del mundo: señalan hacia
al mundo, lo muestran, lo representan. Los nuevos son proyecciones del
pensamiento calculador: señalan hacia el pensamiento, lo muestran, lo
representan. Pero ahora el pensamiento en sí no representa el mundo como
es, sino como podría ser."

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