Mass Migration

Mass Migration
Collage Painting by Colin Hoisington

Monday, April 30, 2012

Art is in the Process #2

Printing onto non-absorbant surfaces. The original image is a collage I made, inspired by Gustav Klimt, The Medicina:

Trial 1:
Print the image on polyurethane, slightly coated with patented chemical from profesor Julian Irujo

Ink runs slowly. The desired effect is achieved.  I made a mistake and sprayed acrylic varnish, thinking that it would seal the print. The ink was not dry yet and spread into little droplets where ever the spray landed. This can be seen on the top part of the image.  Slightly interesting how the image changes into droplets, but not what im looking for at this point.

Trial 2:
Print on uncoated polyurethane

Result: Ink runs fast, the image is almost completely lost.

Trial 3:
Print on uncoated polyurethane with faster print setting. I had hoped that the ink would run less.

Image was jammed in the printer.  Somewhat interesting results, but not interested in this at the moment.


Trial 4:
Print on wax coated pallet paper

ink runs slowly, desired effect is achieved. Hung vertical to dry.  BUT....
3 days later....

Result after 3 days: Ink still not dry and continues to run. Effect is very interesting, but will be stored in memory for use another day.

Trial 5:
Print on pallet paper, setting on printer is for photographic paper: Thus it will expel a greater quantity of ink.
Ink runs fast and out of control. I decide to transfer the image to super alpha paper by rubbing vigorously the reverse side.

2nd Result: 
Poor quality in the technique used.  Will try to transfer with hydrolic press another day. The scraping pattern shows through clearly. Could be interesting to compose a relief drawing, contouring the forms while transferring. 

Trial 6:

Print on pallet paper with printer setting on minimal ink usage.

Image appears almost normal. Boring

Trial 7:

Print on pallet paper, printer set to medium ink usage.

Ink runs slowly. Will allow to dry for one week in horizontal position.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Perforated Borders, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, 2011

I present, Perforated Borders, the first to be completed for a new body of work. This mixed media/oil painting was completed in summer 2011.

Art literature review

1. The Painted Word
by Tom Wolf

      This book came to my attention as a professor described it as "ground breaking" in its day, around the 70s. I found it to be nothing short of that. A brillant summary of the Modern Art movement, compressed into a 3 hour read. Many of my friends tell me they just dont understand modern, or contemporary, art. I believe this book could be a quick and effective way to break this barrier.

2. Where is creativity? An approach to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi´s systems model

Defining creativity from my experience is difficult. This read has changed my idea of what it actually means.  I have found inspiration in the idea, presented by the author, that creativity is a cultural and social event.    The quote below is one of my favorites.
"Creativity is the engine that drives cultural evolution"

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Video Links for Colin Hoisington

A presentation of my past work in Pecha Kucha format. Spoken in Spanish

A mural I painted summer 2012, in an occupied "squaters" community-center, in Madrid. Its a piece based on the 15-M movement in Spain.

Periodical update of latest painting

Latest painting about 1/3 complete, April 27th 2012.

Latest painting, 1/3 complete

Alternatives to Galleries

Today I found out that in Spain there are places called, casas de cultura, where proposals for exhibiciones are accepted and considered. A spectacular alternative to the exclusive world of galleries, and the seemingly pointless exhibiciónes in cafes, bars, and restaurants. It has been recommended to me to search for these by their corresponding comunidades.  Below is a list of links where they can be found.

Pais Vasco:

Art is in the Process

The following is a record of one experimental process combining print making and painting.

The Studio
Starting point: a line drawing of figures, one stacked on top of the other. The drawing is scratched in to sheetglass and transfered to paper through a press

The same drawing is done with oil sticks and transferred to paper through a press

The last two steps are combined, and both pressed onto paper.

The same drawing is carved into pinewood making a stamp. Rootlike structures fill in and surround the drawing.

 The stamp, along with a bed of foam, are pressed into super alpha paper using a hydrolic press.

Watercolor is added


 It is observed that when the watercolor is wet, the color is vibrant. Here acrylic medium is combined with water and watercolor in an attempt to capture this effect.  

More detailed drawing is desired for a starting point

Drawing transferred to Stamp 2, carved out of MDF

Hydrolic press onto Super Alpha paper

Close up to show the relief and natural shadows.

Coated with watercolor and acrylic gel medium

Coated with Oil Paint and acrylic resin

Coated with Oil Paint and acrylic resin.  Several layers of glazing using various colors

The original with no color is preferred. A change in material is chosen instead.  Canvas is coated several times with Acrylic gel medium

More dynamic angle

The soft texture of the canvas is incredile, although cant be seen from this photo. The next phase will be experiments in using different fabrics and mediums. Next: rabbit skin glue on canvas.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Proposal for pintura en gran formato

The following are lecture notes taken from Jesús Mari Lazkano an experienced and succesful artists from Pais Vasco about creating a project proposal for a large format painting.


  1. Lugar
    • Historia
    • Situación Actual

  1. Desarrollar
  2. Propuesta Conceptual
  3. Propuesta Plastica
    • Fotomontaje
    • Maqueta
    • Recreación
    • Boceto

  1. Propuesta Tecnica
    • Actuación Previa
    • acondicionamiento
    • soporte
    • colocación
    • materiales
    • mantenimiento (negociación)
    • accesibilidad
    • iluminación

  1. Orden Temporal

  1. Presupuesto
      • horarios de artista, (buenas suerte!)
      • proyecto o rediacion (que otro identidad esta responsable pagar a los otros)
    • Acondicionamiento
    • Soportes
    • Materiales
    • Taller
    • Alquiler Obra
      • andamios
      • compresor
    • Transporte
    • Investigación
    • colocación
    • Iluminación
    • Acesos
  • Gastos en Espana
    • Darte de alta (autónomo)
    • IRPF
    • Seguridad social
  • Negociar los pagos 

Artists with Relation to my Current Investigation

What is my current investigation? Its current state of evolution is as follows:
{Transformations, Penetrations, Fusion} between {the human figure} and {natural processes (phenomenon), natural elements}.

This list will begin simply as a list of names. Later I will organize the artists by their types of work.

Max Ernst (frottage, combine chance and human figure)(surreal)

Gerhard Richter (difusion of paint)

Dumas (difusión of paint)

Ana Mendieta (land art and human figure)

Holbein (anamorphic)

Dali (Fusion of human figures and natural elements)

Kim Sun Hyuk (land art and human figure)

Miroslaw Balka (sculpture, painting, fabric, human fugure) I saw this in Reina sofia 2011

Yayoi Kusama (sculpture, painting, fabric, human fugure) I saw this in Reina sofia 2011

Mira Schendel, Brazilian, born Switzerland. 1919-1988 (sculpture, painting, fabric, human fugure) I saw this in Reina sofia 2011

Dorothea Tanning, (Fusion of human figures and natural elements)(sculpture, painting, fabric, human figure)

hans arp (sculpture abstraction human figure)Susan low-beer (Fusion of human figures and natural elements)

Lucian Freud (painting abstraction human figure)

Gustav Klimt  (painting Fusion of human figures and natural elements)

gerogia okeefe (painting Fusion of human figures and natural elements)

Man Ray (photography, imposicion)(surrealism)

Yves Tanguy  (painting abstraction human figure)Surrealism

André Kertész  (photography abstraction human figure) Distorcion 1933

Hans Bellmer (sculpture abstraction human figure) surrealism, painting

Raoul UBAC (photography abstraction, imposicion) collage

FOLLOWING  FOUND IN surrealism by mary ann caws 7.036 surre caw
Meret Oppenheim (painting abstraction human figure)Surrealism

Wilhelm Freddie (painting abstraction human figure)Surrealism

Pierre Moliner (collage)

Luis Buñuel The Golden Age (surrealist film) bones infused with rocks

Remedios Varo "vegetal puppets 1938 (painting abstraction human figure)Surrealism

Kurt Seligman, transformations of states (painting abstraction human figure)Surrealism

Wolfgang Paalen (painting abstraction human figure)Surrealism, Fumage

Leonor Fini (painting abstraction human figure)Surrealism, natural world

Giuseppe Arcimboldo (painting, collage substitucion) found in l art magique   

Josse de Momper  (painting, collage substitucion)

Georges Brauqe, woman descending a staricase, (painting abstraction) capture movement

Lucas Samaras   (distortion by poloroid)

Egon Schiele (painting abstraction human figure)